Welcome to Seashore Tours, offering a guided introduction to life on the seashore.

Discover many of the fascinating plants and animals of the seashore on an entertaining and enjoyable tour in the beauty of Clonea Strand, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

A half-hour talk in the comfort of Clonea Hotel will introduce you to the range of life forms living on the seashore. Watch the seashore come alive on beautiful slides and get a fascinating insight into how these animals and plants cope with their unusual environment.

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On the nearby seashore, see these animals and plants for yourself, learn how to identify them and be amazed by their abundance and variety. We offer 1½  hours of fun by the sea as you are regaled with entertaining anecdotes of the lives of creatures you've never noticed before. 

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Finish the tour with a summary page of the many common types, with photos and names to help you remember them.
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All future visits to the coastline can be more enjoyable and exciting as you realise just how much there is to see on the rocks and in the sand. "You see life through a whole new set of eyes" , a local participant exclaimed.

Then share your new knowledge with family, friends, children, grandchildren…

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